Google Home Officially Gains Hindi Language Support

Google Home Supports Hindi language

The previous week, Google announced its smart speaker Home will now be able to respond in Hinda and Uniquely Indian contexts. The Hindi language already is featured on the smartphones, and people can now talk to Google Assistant smart speaker in the language, the company said in the statement. To add up to the news, Google Home was spotted gaining Hindi support.


Google Home Configuration

If we talk about the configuration of the Hindi language on the Google Home, it goes as follows:
Open the Google Home App on your smartphone, tap the Account icon at the lower-right corner, then select Settings. Upon navigating to the Assistant tab, select Languages, then replace English with Hindi. This would mean that Hindi becomes the primary language. And you won’t also be able to use English alongside on the Google Home. You could also select Add a language, and set Hindi as your second language. Just say “Ok Google” to start a conversation with Assistant on Google Home.

The Google team has been hard at work teaching the Google Home to understand Hindi. But, to a successful ending of the hard work is that the Google Home can respond uniquely to the Indian contexts. The Assistance from google Home in Hindi is already available on smartphones. Purvi Shah, Technical Programme Manager, Google Assistant, said, now the users will be able to enjoy hands-free help in Hindi from the Google Assistant.


The feature will help many users take Google Assistant’s help for a daily commute to listening to their favorite music.

“This is just the beginning. Your Google Assistant on Google Home will continue to get better over time – we can’t wait for you ask more of it,” Shah added.S.

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