Huawei’s AI speaker

Huawei’s AI speaker looks similar to Apple’s HomePod.

Huawei revealed its new AI speaker in China yesterday. It was revealed at the event with the launch of its Mate 20. The design is just similar to Apple’s HomePod. The Huawei AI Speakers comes with the mute, call and volume control buttons on top of its cylindrical body and dark grey fabric covering. The first look of this speaker was at its Alexa-enabled AI Cube last month. It looked like an elongated Google Home and is not at all cube-shaped.

The Huawei AI Speakers uses a proprietary Xiaoyi voice assistant. It’s also much cheaper than the $350 Apple HomePod at 399 yuan (about $60 USD). Yet Huawei have not planned to release it globally, so we will have to wait to see if Huawei will add English Voice Support.

The Huawei AI Speakers uses a Danish speaker company Dynaudio’s audio technology. It is also paired with Huawei’s own “Histen” algorithm. This particular algorithm can be found in Huawei’s phones. The 2.25-inch high-fidelity, 10W speaker has six microphones and voiceprint recognition to distinguish different family members’ voices. It comes in two colours, grey and white.

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