Sony Launches SF-G series Tough SD Card

Sony Launches ‘World’s Toughest and Fastest’ SD Cards in India

Sony on Monday made a new launch of its new UHS-II SD card range in the SF-G Series. It is said to be the world’s toughest and fastest memory card. The new SF-G series is capable of holding read speed up to 300MBps and write speed up to 299MBps. As per the bend reports, this memory card can bend to 180N. It can resist a drop up to five meters. These features make this 18 times stronger SD card that withstands 10N force. Adding to this, the new SF-g series SD card has an IP68 rating that makes this SD card water and dust-resistant.  The new series Sony SF-G64T, 64GB SD card comes with a price tag of Rs. 13,290 and the 128GB SF-G128T is priced at Rs. 24,590. To add a good news, both the models are available for sale at the official Sony Centers.


Sony SF-G series tough SD Card Design

The new Sony SF-G series tough SD Card has a one-piece design. It has no empty space in the card which makes it more resistant. The reports from Sony also claims that it has provided high-grade hardness materials, unlike conventional SD cards that are made of thin, three-part ensemble. This is the world’s first rib-less design and it has no write protection switch. The build of Sony SF-G series tough SD Card is made up of resist issues broken plastic casing. This SD card is also X-ray proof, anti-static, temperature proof, and includes UV Gaurd.

Sony SF-G series tough SD Card Features

Alongside the robust, the new Sony SF-G series tough SD Card has a reading speed of up to 300MBps and write speed up to 299MBps. Noticeably, it also supports V90 that is the highest standard of video speed class. This  SD card has a bright yellow banding design that highlights the card easier to spot in the dark shooting conditions.

Furthermore, the new Sony SF-G series tough SD Card includes an SD scan utility and File Rescue Software. The former lets users to check the condition of the card, whereas the latter is used to enable data recovery.

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