Razer Phone 2 Reviews, Prices & Specifications

Razer Phone 2 Gaming Phone Reviews, Prices & Specifications


Razer is introducing a new smartphone, the Razer Phone 2, that’s meant to establish a foothold in the new gaming phone market. The new phone looks nearly identical to the previous one. The difference is just that it has a new aluminum frame with a complete structural revamp. The Razer Phone 2 is a gaming phone, so there are relevant improvements made to the screen and audio.

Gaming phones are increasing in number day by day. Manufacturers that produce gaming computers — Razer and ASUS, for starters — are turning to phones. It is so because they’re now able to provide features like HDR and high refresh rate screens (for smoother on-screen visuals) .

While plenty of highly capable flagship smartphones in the market, these companies hope that they’ll be able to do enough to improve the gaming experience. This year, Razer isn’t reinventing the gaming phone rather it is adding significant features like Chroma. It is also partnering with mobile game studios to optimize games for the Razer Phone 2, in order to stay ahead.



Internally, the changes with the Razer Phone 2 is the Snapdragon 845 chipset. It is installed with a 2.8GHZ with an Adreno 630 visual chip. The Razor Phone 2 has a scaled-down with a version of the vapor chamber cooling technology used on its Blade 15 laptop, designed to keep the phone from getting too hot.

The  Razor Phone 2 has been fitted with 8GB of RAM, LTE gigabit antennas for faster data, 64GB of storage. The 4,000mAh battery given an amazing back up to the smartphone. This smartphone runs on Android 8.1 with Nova Launcher by default, but Android Pie is currently in testing and planned as an over-the-air upgrade.

Gaming phones need content, and it’s been on the top records that the best mobile gaming phones have been iOS, not Android. But now the Android has been matured and game release dates have been closer to each other. Razer tells me that it’s aware of this problem and is teaming up with game studios to not only optimize their games for the Razer Phone — PUBG MobileRival: Crimson x Chaos, Marvel Future Fight, and RuneScape to name a few — but also exclusive content for the future


The 5.7-inch screen shows an improved HDR coverage and brightness while keeping the 2560 x 1440 qHD resolution and 120Hz refresh rate for consistent and smooth visuals.

Just like the previous year, large speakers flank both the top and bottom of the screen. While Razer believes that the size and position are great because the users get enough space to grip the phone. I think they take away from the display. However, Razer is boasting Dolby Atmos support from the two front-facing speakers and a 24-bit DAC over USB-C. The Razer Phone 2’s audio prowess is could be useful for situational awareness in games, or just watching Netflix.



This smartphone has been switched to Sony Camera sensors with optical stabilization. Talking about the specifications, it comes with 12 megapixels, one wide-angle— for the Razer Phone 2. Cameras are repositioned on the back with a new, better-looking camera app. There is improvement in clarity and color reproduction. Razer also says it made considerable improvements to the subject photo mode.


The Razer Phone 2 will be sold unlocked for $799 in the United States from Razer and its online partners. Overseas The phone will see a few overseas carrier partners in China. Preorders commence today, with shipping dates yet to be announced

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