Palm Phone Reviews Prices & Specifications

Palm Phone Reviews Prices & Specifications

There’s another hit in the market, “Palm” that’s tiny, intriguing, and has very little to do.  The Palm Phone will come with the word Plam printed on the back. It comes to the market from a startup in San Francisco. The rights for the name were purchased from TCL, the previous year. It costs $349.99 and will be in stock from November. It will only be available as an add-on to a current line. Palm involves Steph Curry somehow.

Yes, It is a weird little thing.


The palm phone provides the comfort of adding it to your Verizon plan, which shares your phone number. Your big phones distract you? This is the solution to all. The luxury to this smart device is that it runs a full version of Android 8.1 and all the apps from Google Play Store.

So to review the Palm phone, it’s a tiny phone to keep you using your big phone. It could do all the things you expect your big one to do. It’s like a phone for your phone. You go for a workout and you need to find a safe place to keep your big phones. Here;’s the solution to this. Steph Curry helped design cases for the Palm phone to strap it up on the arm while any workout. There are Kate Spade clutches for this, too.


The new Palm phone looks itty bitty iPhone X. The designers did not mean the same iPhone x, but a little phone that felt comfortable tucked away in your handled to shape. Still though, looks amazing.

Palm Phone Specifications

The front and back of the new Palm phone come with Gorilla Glass 3. It is rated for IP68 water and dust protection. This smartphone comes with just one button, the power button which serves multiple purposes. There comes an 800mAh battery, but that’s enough to power it for a long time since its a palm phone.

It is just 50 x 97 millimeters, not even bigger than a credit card. it is thicker at 7.4mm. This smartphone weighs 62.5 grams and it’s easy to believe you’d forget this thing was even in your pocket.

Being a tiny one, it comes without any headphone jack or wireless charging. It has a single C port charging slot. It is not stated to be a really powerful phone, by design. This smartphone has a tiny 3.3-inch, 445-ppi LCD display, big enough to get the useful information but not enough to do the real work. The camera comes with 12 megapixels and 8 megapixels. The Palm phone comes with Snapdragon 435 paired to 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

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