Jio, Ericsson showcase their 5G Demo at IMC 2018

Jio, Ericsson Showcase Their Own 5G Use Cases at IMC 2018

Ericsson and Indian telecom major Reliance Jio on Friday showcased the demo of their joint venture at the India Mobile Congress 2018 (IMC). Swedish communication services company Ericsson and Indian telecom Reliance Jio joined hands for 5G.

The statements by Ericsson are,  5G connected car and VR-enabled driving using 5G.


The statement was “The use cases demonstrated at the event over the live 5G network in Navi Mumbai and in Delhi leveraged the gigabit speed and ultra-low latency capabilities of 5G to exemplify key benefits such as the remote operation of machines (robotic arms, vehicles) and possibilities enabled through virtual reality (VR)”

IIT-Delhi collaborated for 5G car development.


The 5D connected car showcased the high data rate capacity. Moreover, it showed the low latency – key element for remote operations of machines. This is what we could call “5G’s reliability”.

The remote operation of machines in hazardous environments such as mines to keep human life safe will be allowed with low latency and ultra high-speed connectivity of 5G. It will even enhance the productivity in manufacturing.

The VR-assist driving had a bus connected to a 5G network. Live 5G was streamed by installing a live camera over the rooftop of the car.

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