Instagram briefly switched to a horizontal feed and people freaked out

Instagram has quietly tested its Instagram horizontal feeds for some users. And it is a huge sideways shift from its vertically scrolling user experience. It had this scrolling feature since the app launched. It’s said that the company had previously been testing the feature back in October in the Explore section of the app. But it seems that this feature is being rolled out more prominently in the feeds today.

Updates in the feeds

This new update basically turns all updates into a single giant Instagram story. It is featured with a scrolling bar on the top and it shows how far how to progress. It can be said clearly said as a jarring change for Instagram’s community, which has grown accustomed to the old feed.

While the users used the Instagram horizontal feeds, each photo (and each ad) was given the spotlight at any given time — you can only view a single post, and the comments are much more prominent now, appearing with a flick upward.

Reviews of the new update

The people reviews claim that it is much harder to quickly fly through your feed with the new layout. The user can see only a single post at a time. You can only advance a single post at a time. And yes, another side effect of the new update stated is that the stories are easier to access, with the bar now always available by swiping down. Earlier it was scrolling the feed all the way to the top

It was 8:00 PM when for a few minutes the horizontal feed went live. And the old-fashioned vertical feed seems to have reappeared for most of the users. But yes, even if today’s update was an accident, it seems that Instagram is taking the horizontal feed seriously — and it may not be long before it rolls out to devices for good.

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