Amazon leaks users’ names and emails in ‘technical error’

Amazon leaks users’ names and emails in ‘technical error’

Amazon Leaks its customers’ names and emails.  Here Amazon has emailed users to tell them that a “technical error” made their names and email addresses visible publicly on its website. Amazon declined to comment on how many users have been affected. There was just one way to know if your email address has been exposed. It was by receiving one of the company’s surprisingly brief emails.


In these messages, Amazon says that the error has now been fixed. It even reassures users that it will not be necessary for them to reset their passwords. However, the information exposed still presents dangers for customers: it puts them at the risk of phishing attacks. Additionally, it could allow hackers to attempt to reset their accounts.

Amazon Confirmation to Customers

 Amazon confirmed that neither its website nor any of its systems had been breached. It has “fixed the issue and informed customers who may have been impacted.” It did not reveal the number of accounts affected or which countries the users are located in. Twitter users across Europe and the United States have reported receiving the email. Also, the forum posts suggest that the error affected the consumers rather than business accounts on the platform.

Characterizing this as a “technical error” means that the incident is unlikely to be related to reports of Amazon firing employees for sharing customer emails with third-party sellers, but the lack of information makes it difficult to establish exactly what happened. We have reached out to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, which Amazon would have needed to inform in the event of a breach, for comment.

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