iOS 12 Running on More Devices Than iOS 11

iOS 12 Now Running on More Devices Than iOS 11

A large number of users were pleased by the release of iOS 12 update. As per the data provided by analytics firm Mixpanel, till date iOS 12 is reported to be on 47 percent of active iOS devices worldwide. The iOS 11 was launched in September last year, is just few points behind the fresh iOS version, having the presence of 45 percent of active devices. The iOS adoption rate is always higher than that of the Android since Apple releases the newest update for a long list of iPhones and iPad models simultaneously. However, in the case of iOS 12, the users are thankful for the updated version, including the five-year-old iPhone 5s.

According to the latest stats shared by Mixpanel, iOS 12 is installed on 47.56 percent of active devices, whereas iOS 11 is currently working on  45.58 percent active Apple devices. Here shows the difference of 1.98 percent between the two iOS versions. Also, around 7.18 percent of devices are running an older version than iOS 11. Now, these are some devices which already run on iOS 12 out-of-the-box. The devices are iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

ios 12 adoption mixpanel Mixpanel

Photo Credit: Mixpanel

The official adoption number of the new iOS version is yet to be released by Apple. The actual statistics would be somewhere different from what the graph is shown here.
Having said that, one of the major reason for fast adaptation of iOS 2 is the bundle of optimizations that it brings to enhance the overall experience. The devices are launched at a faster speed than the previous versions of iOS. Same has been said by the Apple. Similarly, the camera is launched up to 70 percent faster and the keyboard appears up to 50 percent faster than the previous versions. The official changelog of the new iOS version says that the overall experience is better than all the previous version launched by Apple till date.

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