Microsoft Stores Start Selling Amazon’s Echo Devices

Microsoft Stores Start Selling Amazon’s Echo Devices


Microsoft has now begun selling Amazon’s Echo devices in its retail stores. This happened to post its partnership with Amazon to integrate their two Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered assistants Alexa with Cortana

Amazon’s Echo Dot and Echo devices are available online. Also, they are available in Microsoft Stores in the US.

Microsoft introduced Cortana on Windows Phone four years back. Consequently, in Windows 10, it became the core search functionality.

However, Microsoft now appears to be pushing it towards more business-focused areas. Namely, chatbots rather than its original consumer-focused launch.

Microsoft has been increasingly focusing on its Amazon partnership and Alexa integration.

Microsoft and Amazon had decided to integrate their virtual assistants last year.

The tech giants performed the first such integration amongst the two intelligent assistants at the “Build 2018” developers’ conference in May this year.

Megan Saunders, Microsoft Cortana General Manager, and Tom Taylor, Amazon Alexa Senior Vice President, showcased how Alexa and Cortana would work as one unit in the near future.

“For all of you developers out there building skills, Cortana and Alexa will enable access to more people across more devices. We can’t wait to see what you build,” said Saunders.

While Alexa accepted personal requests, Cortana assisted with business needs.

The integration works through the command: “Alexa, open Cortana.”

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