BlackBerry Power Wireless Charging Pad Now Available in India, Priced at Rs. 2,499

BlackBerry Power Wireless Charging Pad Now Available in India, Priced at Rs. 2,499

Today the options for a wireless charger are a plenty in the market but usually one has to decide between a relatively lesser known brand or its more expensive competitor.  In this scenario BlackBerry has launched its first Power Wireless Charging Pad – “BlackBerry-branded wireless charger” through their licensee Optiemus Infracom.  This wireless version is Qi enabled, comes with a power output of 5W and is currently available in India. It can also be sourced online through Amazon India at a price of Rs.2,499.

Benefits of Wireless Charger:

Although the charger listing mentions “Wireless Charging Pad for BlackBerry Evolve X”, however, as the charger is using Qi Wireless charging standards, the company claims that it is compatible with most of the Android phones that have wireless charging capability as also iPhone models released after 2016.


On a USB Type-C input, the BlackBerry Wireless Charger’s output power is 5W.  In the face of 10W and 15W wireless chargers that are commonplace now a days, the BlackBerry Wireless Charger is a bit slow.  However, it supports Quick Charger 2.0 and has a LED display to indicate the charging status.  The charger comes with a Company warranty of 6 months, which is more than many other chargers are currently offering.  With a weight of 54.4 grams it sports a non-slip charging surface.


Huawei had also launched a wireless charging pad in the country few months back, priced at Rs.3,999.  That version comes at 15W output with a built-in automatically adjustable chip for output power, that can adjust to the prevailing temperatures and real time battery percentage.

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